Intelligent solution designed to help the agriculture producers in making their business more competitive and profitable. A New Generation intelligent tools for Agriculture made for success !
Irrig<br />ation
Intelligent irrigation based on real-time data measured by IntelliSTEM probe and accumulated knowledgebase
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Knowle<br />dgebase
Building own Knowledgebase - localized to the own agriculture growing environment and needs ...
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Auto<br />mation
Built-in NFC technology enables usage of mobile devises (tags, smartphones) that significantly help the automation
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What problems do we solve?

IntelliSTEM helps the agriculture producers solving many problems, here we list most important ones:

Excessive irrigation

which cause

1. Water leaking and fertilizer leaching from the soil or substrate;

2. Development of various diseases, fungi and pests;

3. Higher production costs because of extra expenditure of water & fertilizer

Solution: Implementation of intelligent irrigation system (high precision supply of water and fertilizer based on current and historical data from IntelliSTEM Knowledgebase).

Usage of chemicals for Plant Grow Control (PGR)

Solution: Usage of precise water supply management as a method for regulation of the plant’s growth.

Lack or inappropriate production planning and cost management

Solution: Usage of the Knowledgebase and the IntelliSTEM End-user application software to help the agribusiness owners in making right decisions at right time and finding own ways to maximize the profit and benefits.

Influences of the agrifood production to the local environment

Solution: Intelligent irrigation system based on IntelliSTEM devices enables optimized spending of water, fertilizer and energy, which require fewer natural resources to be spent for their production, transport and supply.