Intellisem Reward 109 EUR

IntelliSTEM Probe (Intelligent Soil TEmperature and Moisture monitoring probe)

On first sight, it is an IoT (Internet of Things) based device, a measurement probe for monitoring of moisture at different soil depth levels (soil top surface, plant’s root level and in between, if needed). The principle of measuring soil moisture is based on determination of the dielectric constant of the soil which depends on the presence of water in it.

However, IntelliSTEM is more than a soil moisture probe. It has many other built-in features and can measure and process additional parameters, but also inform and advice the staff on site about the plants growing status, last watering and fertilizing, next steps to be undertaken etc.

  • The basic IntelliSTEM features include measurement and data processing of parameters like:
  • Soil humidity at different levels (top surface level, root level, and other levels between surface and root eventually needed for probes longer than 20-25 cm)
  • Temperature of soil and air
  • Humidity of air,
  • Lighting in surrounding area (intensity of light and time of exposure to light, presence of shadows, duration of day/night, etc.),
  • NFC (Near Field Communication) tags data reading/writing,
  • Long battery lifespan (5-6 years),
  • Waterproof housing, integrates the sensors, wireless MCU controller and battery,
  • Rugged, lightweight and easy to operate,
  • Supports IoT connectivity standards (6LoWPAN, Bluetooth, WiFi), and Mobile networks
  • Each IntelliSTEM probe (IoT device) has capability autonomously to collect, store and transfer acquired data from all sensors directly, or through a local IoT gateway to a cloud database.