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Intelligent WiFi Irrigation System (ISIS-CXV1)

ISIS-CXV1 is an Intelligent irrigation system for precise supply of water and fertilizer (available as startup package for 1 or 3 channels/zones).

ISIS-CXV1 package includes:

  • Expandable with add-on IntelliSTEM WiFi devices (ISP-V1 probes, ISWVS- N1V1 & B1V1
    switches + valves + sensors, etc.)
  • IntelliSTEM Application software, Cloud based (Standard + 2 years Advanced subscription)
  • 1 x IntelliSTEM Gateway with external antenna (PS 90-240 VAC)
  • 1-3 x IntelliSTEM Probe, WiFi (ISP-V1)
  • 1-3 x IntelliSTEM WiFi Irrigation Switch + Valve/N + Flow Sensor (ISWVS- N1V1). May control water pumps, electrical valves or both (for drip or sprinkler irrigation systems).
  • Switch contacts max 240 VAC/10A.
  • Power supply input: USB 5V/2A DC (Adapter not included).
  • For usage where electricity is available (or solar panel)