IntelliSTEM Knowledgebase is a kind of database build of acquired data from the crops growing environment. 

It brings benefits like:

  • Mapping of the growing areas with acquired data, including: type of plant, retention of soil moisture at different depth levels; time for water penetration depending on the type of soil, terrain configuration, weather conditions (temperature of the soil and air, humidity of the air), area location, lighting conditions, diseases, and date and time;
  • Using available web and mobile applications, the staff can enter additional data in the database, like presence of diseases, pests, applied pesticides and other materials and treatment activities that have been undertaken during the growing season.
  • Usage of third party knowledge data (like growing some particular plants in the same or similar growing environment or geographical regions); this kind of data could be shared with other agriculture growers, or purchased as an online subscription service from agribusiness consulting companies.
  • Data analytics; The system continually store all acquired data from the probe sensors, and makes them available for interactive data browsing or usage in various reporting, graphical presentations, comparison of current with previous seasons (quantity and cost of water/fertilizer/energy per yield, per crop per day/month, total costs etc.).
  • Built on historical data, Knowledgebase helps the agribusiness owners to make right decisions at right time and to find own ways to maximize the benefits, by refining their growing practices for increases of yield and quality, and disease reduction.