IntelliSTEM News

IntelliSTEM consortium successfully concluded the KATANA Reward Crowdfunding campaign and ensured a place among Top 10 innovative solutions to be funded by KATANA project with 100K EUR grant each.

The grant will be used for further development of IntelliSTEM products and services (more advanced features), marketing activities and faster access to international markets. Additionally, KATANA will enable PR activities and presentation of the solution to groups of promoters and investors (entrepreneurs, biz-angels and investment funds).

IntelliSTEM is intelligent tool designed to help the agriculture producers in making their business more competitive and profitable. It measure and process many parameters from the crops environment and inform the staff about the growing status, last supply of water and fertilizer, next steps to do, etc. IntelliSTEM solution could cut off the production costs for 30-60%.

KATANA is EU Horizon 2020 project focused on financial support and internationalization of innovative solutions for Agribusiness, in the categories:
1. Precision Agriculture services,
2. Mobile Agribusiness services, and
3. Functional food.

Reward Crowdfunding campaign ended on 31st of December, 2017.

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