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Within the KATANA boot, IntellISTEM was present with brochures, slide presentation and video materials on the 2nd FOOD 2030 HIGH-LEVEL EVENT: Research and Innovation for Food and Nutrition Security – Transforming our food systems. The event took place in Plovdiv, Bulgariaon, on 14-15 June 2018..

Conference Food 2030 try to identify novel approaches and tools to address the challenges (models to understand drivers of sustainable food consumption, adapt these to climate, agricultural, resource circularity and efficiency, and other societal challenges) and contribute to consolidate around models to bridge health and sustainability.

Conference focus is on identifying the most effective routes to transform and future-proof the Sustainable Food and Nutritional Security by taking on a Food System approach linking land and sea, and producers to consumers and back that addresses the four Food 2030 priorities: Nutrition for healthy and sustainable diets, Climate and environmental sustainability, Circularity and resource efficiency, Innovation and empowering communities.

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