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The Probe can read and write data to the NFC tags, usually attached to the probe by the staff working onsite. 

The usage of the NFC tags could significantly automate the management of the plants growing processes. Using mobile smart devices (tablet, smartphone), the staff may record valuable data directly inside in the probes internal memory, or in the NFC tags attached to the probe. 

This data may include the complete plant's profile, information like: type of plant, plant growing phase, type and quantity of fertilizer and water needed, time of last supply of water and fertilizer, location in the open field or greenhouse, and other specific data that may significantly improve the production and may be of great help for the staff.

This could be very helpful for greenhouses with large diversity of plants located at the same area.

How IntelliSTEM NFC option can be used for automation of work processes?

NFC (Near Field Communication) tags are present in various forms, like plastic cards, badges, self-adhesive labels, etc. They are devices that can be used for wireless reading and writing data in theirs internal memory by external NFC devices (like NFC module built-in the IntelliSTEM probe, tablets, smart phones, and other NFC enabled devices).

When NFC tag is placed close to NFC enabled device, the content in the NFC tag will be automatically copied in the external NFC device or updated in accordance to the operation need to be performed. NFC tags don’t need external electrical power (they are harvesting electrical energy from the radio waves from the NFC readers).