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In general, NFC tags are used in conjunction with the probe for automation of the work processes (tasks) performed by the staff working in the growing areas (greenhouse, open field, etc.).

For example, when the staff plans to plant new crops in certain growing areas, they may simply copy all needed information (complete plant's profile, including needs for watering, fertilizers, pesticides and other tasks to be performed during the plant’s life cycle) to the IntelliSTEM probes already inserted before in the planting areas, using smart mobile device or NFC tags previously loaded with required data.

With this action, all relevant information about the plant or group of (same) plants placed in certain growing area is connected to a particular IntelliSTEM probe (each probe and NFC tag has own unique ID codes).

From that moment on, the staff working onsite, has possibility to access any relevant information about any plant in any growing area, just by touching (bringing close) theirs NFC enabled mobile devices to the IntelliSTEM probe.

As the tasks are performed and recorded in the probe’s memory or external NFC tag (manually entered records using mobile application, or automatically by the cloud solution integrated with the controlled irrigation/fertilization system), the staff always have up-to date information about the status of each task performed. In case of integrated cloud solution, all information from the NFC tags are also included in the online knowledge database and available for access remotely.

The major benefits: Automation of the growing processes, Increased Yields and Better Quality, and Cost savings.